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PD Dr Peter Varga graduated as a civil engineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He received his PhD in bone biomechanics from TUWien in 2009. This work, supervised by Prof. Philippe Zysset, has been recognised with the “Award of Excellence 2010” of the Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research. Following a further year spent in Vienna as post-doc researcher, he moved to the Julius Wolff Institute at the Charité UM Berlin and joined the research team of Prof. Kay Raum, where he focused on the microstructural analysis of bone using X-ray-based and ultrasound-related techniques as post-doc and Principal Investigator. He joined the AO Research Institute Davos in 2014 as Senior Project Leader. Since 2020 he is the Focus Area Leader for Biomechanics and Modeling within the Biomedical Development Program led by Prof. Boyko Gueorguiev. In 2021, the University of Bern has granted Dr Peter Varga his habilitation, enabling him to independently teach as Privatdozent for Biomedical Engineering at the Medical Faculty. He is the author of more than 85 scientific publications, one book chapter, and co-inventor of two patents.


Dr Varga's current research interests include the biomechanics of bone fractures and implant fixations, with special focus on computer simulations.



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